How to check for empty or null SharePoint field values in Microsoft Flow

If you are using Microsoft Flow with SharePoint list or library data and need to check if a field is empty or null, then you can use the @empty function.

Here is an example

First, add a Condition and add the field you want to check.

Basic Condition.png

Next, click on the "Edit in advanced mode" link.

Basic Condition Step 2.png

Next, you will replace the content in the box with the empty() function. 

Basic Condition Step 3.png

Note the following:

  • The "triggerbody()', in this case, is what triggered the flow. This may be different depending on where in your Flow your field is coming from.
  • The "Title" is the name of the field.
  • The function returns true if the field is empty.

Additional details about functions can be found here.