How to manage the new SharePoint document library experience

Microsoft has recently started pushing out a new SharePoint Document Library experience that is must more like OneDrive (New Experience) than the traditional SharePoint (Classic Experience).

Overall, I think these changes are a good step to making SharePoint more modern. The new library experience is faster, visually more appealing, and works better across devices. 

However, customers may have a reason not to use this new experience. They may have customization, or just like to stick with the classic look and feel.

Currently, the new experience is only available to First Release tenants in Office 365, but will eventually be rolled out to everyone.

To manage the experience at the Library level

  • Open library settings > Advanced Settings.
  • At the bottom there is a new option to change the list experience. It can use the default, force to the New experience, or force the classic experience.

To manage the experience at the tenant level

  • Open Office 365 Administration > Admin Centers > SharePoint.
  • Click on Settings.
  • You should see a new option to set SharePoint Lists and Libraries experience. Choose either classic or new experience.

To manage the experience at the site collection or site level

Unfortunately, there is not a place in the UI to change the experience at the site collection or site level. Yet, we can change it using PowerShell. Check out this support page from Microsoft for the PowerShell script to do this.




Eric Gregorich

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